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Report2Web® by Redwood is a web-based information management and distribution solution that enables secure, automated business information publishing and delivery. By treating the web as a document process automation platform, Report2Web connects employees, partners and customers to a central and secure enterprise repository for all business critical information.

Report2Web securely stores, publishes, and distributes any electronic document. It can handle massive reports and large numbers of indexed documents. You can access content by name, date, category, business-specific keywords or a number of metadata tags as well as full- text searches.

Streamlined Distribution


With Report2Web it’s easy to process reports generated throughout your enterprise - including the mainframe. You can easily define routing and distribution rules based upon report attributes you specify. In addition to processing standard text or PDF-based output and print files, Report2Web handles electronic documents generated from common applications, including Microsoft Office, SAP®, Oracle, hospital information systems (HIS) applications and more. Report2Web also catalogs, publishes, and accesses scanned images just like traditional report file-formats.

Document Security


The Report2Web repository is built to integrate with your enterprise security infrastructure. It’s fully compatible with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) standards including Active Directory. It easily integrates with standard or custom single sign-on (SSO) technologies. Report2Web also includes comprehensive audit logging facilities that assist in protecting organizations against fraudulent activities.

One-Click Convenience

clickarrow With Report2Web, you can easily add notes at the document or line-item level to make communication fast and simple. Public or personal saved searches turn repetitive tasks into one mouse-click. Custom lists of Favorites aggregate frequently used documents into a single view – making the most recent or all historic versions of a document just a single click away.

Filtering enables you to access report data through different logical views, such as by department or invoice number. Document approval processes offer a rules-based method of reviewing and publishing content to the user community. Easily automate the extraction and publication of report data in predefined Excel templates.

Free yourself from expensive, inflexible and outdated content management today—and save your company thousands each year in the process.