Enterprise Report Distribution and Document Process Automation

Information is arguably the most valuable corporate asset you have. It’s the life blood of your organization – it must be delivered
at the right time, to the right people, in the right form.

Enterprise applications such as finance, Business Intelligence (BI), inventory, and CRM support complex, are often interdependent
business processes, but they are rarely unified or cohesive. Most often, the key information generated by these disparate
applications is delivered to end users in a jumble of formats and media – if it’s delivered at all. Knowledge workers are forced to
spend valuable time simply figuring out where to find documents before they can actually


Connect and Coordinate

Every application comes with its own method to define, create, and deliver documents and reports. Many simply provide a connection to external printers. The few that offer integrated document delivery capabilities typically manage only their own output. Consequently, organizations still use a wide variety of delivery mechanisms: mainframe reports are printed; ERP reports require a proprietary client application; PDF, Excel and Word documents are delivered through traditional file servers, and so on.

If you could bridge disparate systems and applications, consolidate information in a central place, and better leverage the business value of your information, you would immediately realize a greater return on your business application investments. It would save your company enormous amounts of time and money.

Report2Web: Your Information – Anytime, Anywhere

Report2Web is a web-based report management and distribution solution for secure, automated report publishing and delivery. By using the web as a document process automation platform, Report2Web connects employees, partners, and customers to a central and secure enterprise repository for all business critical information.

Any electronic document, including UNIX®, Linux, IBM® iSeries, mainframe and client/ server generated output as well as scanned images can be stored, published, distributed and archived with Report2Web.

Report2Web customers also extend the value and reach of their BI solutions, achieving significant savings by using Report2Web to access BI reports along with other relevant documents. Business content becomes enterprise knowledge when access barriers disappear. With Report2Web, those barriers no longer exist.

Enforce Regulatory Compliance

Report2Web’s automated document archiving, security and auditing enables major corporations around the world to facilitate compliance and mitigate the legal risks associated with e-discovery. Report2Web can also help you comply with extensive regulatory compliance, business policy and transparency requirements for document retention and disposition.

Because the documents it captures can’t be altered, Report2Web meets the requirements for a “legal archive,” according to Sarbanes-Oxley and many other global standards. Report2Web automatically enforces policies on how long to keep information and logs all document activity, making complete audit trails available when needed. Customized security ensures that only users with appropriate authorization can access documents.



End-users expect that everything they need should be a few short clicks away. That’s why Report2Web uses a browser-based look and feel that most users are already familiar with to provide consolidated access to business information. It’s simple, secure and available where you need it.

With no need to modify existing applications, Report2Web is the low-risk choice for capturing and distributing information from across the enterprise. Report2Web delivers immediate and measurable savings in the management and distribution of business information.

Report2Web efficiently and automatically delivers the information you need exactly when and where you need it. Talk to us today to find out what it can do for you.